Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Park in Syracuse NY

We took a trip to the zoo over Labor Day weekend. Here are just a few of the animals we saw.

At the bottom of the page is a link to the official zoo site.

barking deer p8310017 bear p8310002 bear p8310006 bear p8310007 bear P8310009
birds orange p8310123 clouded leopard p8310113 columbus monkey P8310097 gibbon reflections P8310099 gibbon tree p8310096
king p8310110 lemer columbus monkey p8310094 lemer pile p8310039 lion female face p8310109 lion female tounge p8310104
lion king P8310106 lion king p8310108 maccawas p8310093 mandrill young male p8310070 meercat p8310100
monkey p8310033 monkeys p8310036 ram p8310025 red panda p8310015 red panda p8310018
tamaran p8310057 tamaran p8310059 tiger full p8310021 tiger p8310019 turtle and birds p8310124
wolf p8310028

Rosamond Gifford Zoo Official Home Page

Syracuse Zoo Oct. 2003

Syracuse Zoo June 30 2001