Great Camp Sagamore

Elderhostel Trip June 2009

Joe and I went to an Elderhostel at Great camp Sagamore in the Adirondack State Park in New York. The Elderhostel was called "The Illusion of Roughing It: Adirondack Great Camps of the Vanderbilts and JP Morgan". We learned a lot about not only the camps, how they were built and the lifestyle there in it's heyday but also all about the park itself. The park has both state land and private lands too. It covers nearly 6 million acres. Some of the park has been declared forever wild which means no permanent builds or rods are allowed. Sagamore itself is run by a not-for-profit group of dedicate people. It has been declared a National Historic Landmark. They do rely on many volunteers to keep things going.

The final evening of our stay we got to listen to the songs and story telling of a true storyteller from the area. Bill Smith was a real joy, he told us about his childhood and more!

I have put some useful links about the area and Elderhostel near the bottom of this page.

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    Camp Sagamore Buildings



Sagamore Workers Camp    


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Our Group and A Storyteller   



Information about Elderhostel

Info on Camp Sagamore

Storyteller Bill Smith a bit of info

The Adirondack Park

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