California Trip July 2004

First are pictures of my family. Those are followed by pictures in and round Half Moon Bay. The quail photos were taken in my sister's backyard. The last 2 shots are from Sonoma.

felaine feva fevaelaine2004 ffelaine wendy lynn ffelainesylvialynn ffred
ffwendy_mom_lynnelainespic ffwendysylvialynn2004 fgeorge fgeorgedrawing fgeorgeface fgeorgehammingitup
fgeorgewendy fgoergeoldman1 fsylvia fsylviacouch fsylviacouch2 fsylviadiningroom
fsylviapillow fwendy hmbbeachgullsb hmbbeachpeoplepoint hmbbeachpeoplepointb hmbdino1
hmbdino2 hmbdino3 hmbdino4 hmbdinolynn hmbdinowendy hmbelainedino1
hmbgullb hmbgullssoaringb hmbobservatoryb hmbpassionflower hmbpassionflowercloser hmbrosebud
hmbroseorangeyellow hmbroseorangeyellowopening hmbroseredwhiteyellow hmbroseredyellowbud hmbrosespurple hmbrosesyellowpink
hmbwaterpoint hmbwaterpoint2b hmbwendybeach hmbwendybeachb quail1 quail3
sonomaflowers sonomawinery

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